Sherco officially announces the release of the 2007 Cabestany Replica

Beginning in May, Sherco enthusiasts around the world will be able to purchase the official Cabestany Replica. This new Sherco 2.9 incorporates all of the technical advances that were used in the bike that Albert used in the Spanish Indoor Championship; it also employs a new distinctive color scheme that is exclusive for this unique model.

This new Sherco 2.9 is one that can be utilized at the very highest level of competition yet it has not lost any of the qualities that make it the favorite motorcycle of the thousands of riders who ride trials for enjoyment only. The new Cabestany Replica is adaptable to an extensive range of possibilities, thanks to its digital programmable ignition system. The rider can choose the performance he desires by moving a switch located on the handlebar. With this feature, the motor is adaptable to a wide range of obstacles, it can be very powerful for large obstacles and then it can be more docile for use on conventional trails.

Significant features of the Sherco 2.9 Cabestany Replica

New distinctive appearance: This model incorporates more red in its color scheme along with yellow, gray, silver and black. The rims are anodized red and the edges are polished. There are all new graphics including a Kevlar protector for the sides of the swing arm.

New handlebars: The new handlebars are a lower racing design and they are finished in an anthracite color they also incorporate a new protector pad. The triple clamps are a new billet design and are also anodized black.

Engine: The engine modifications include a new thermodynamic cylinder head, a new digital ignition system that is user selectable (dual mode). The radiator has been moved to allow for better cooling at slow speeds.

Carburetor: The carburetor is the Keihin racing model that is larger in diameter than the stock unit.






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