World Trial Indoor barcellona (Spagna) 6 febbraio

Ancora Raga primo sul gradino più alto del podio. Come da copione Albert Cabestany si posiziona alle sue spalle. Questa volta è Fajardo che conquista la terza posizione relegando i grandi Lampkin e Fujinamy ad assistere alla finale dalla "panchina".
Un primo giro da record per Raga con sole 6 penalità, davanti a Fajardo e Cabestany a 8.
Distaccati i tre montesisti, Lampkin 17, Freixa 20 e Fujinamy 21.
Momenti entusiasmanti nella finale tra i tre spagnoli che infiammano il numerosissimo pubblico presente con passaggi veramente spettacolari.
Adam Raga dopo questa ennesima vittoria è ormai diretto verso un altro titolo iridato nel trial indoor.
Ora il circus del trial si sposta in Russia 12 febbraio 2005 - San Pietroburgo, (Russia) poi sarà la volta di Milano il 19 febbraio ( mi raccomando vi vogliamo tutti al Forum di Assago )


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Sergi Fernandez
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Classifiche ufficiali: Charly Demathieu
Adam Raga maintained this afternoon his unstoppable way at Indoor Series by winning in Barcelona. It was his fifth victory in a row of the season and the fourth he has clinched successively at home. After an exciting and hot battle that was resolved at the end of the trial, Albert Cabestany finished second. The nice surprise of the round, Jeroni Fajardo, obtained a podium place in his debut in Barcelona.

Albert Cabestany and Adam Raga became the first riders in attempting the sections due to the starting order. Two maximum favourites for the victory achieved a great success in a tough and difficult circuit, with big jumps and steps, very representative elements in Barcelona.

Albert Cabestany didn’t have any problem despite starting the first one because the wild card didn’t finally come to Barcelona’s Indoor Trial. Moreover, Sherco’s rider made a very good performance, riding his motorbike very comfortably having into account that he hadn’t performed very well in the last Barcelona’s trials. With only one five, Cabestany did his best in order to be in the final round. Raga also did it very well, trying to continue his dominance in the World Series. Gas Gas’ rider obtained a zero in all the sections of the circuit, excepting in the second hazard, where he got a five, the same one in which Cabestany also made a five just some minutes before.

Jeroni Fajardo was the surprise in the classification round. Gas Gas’ rider made his debut in Barcelona in a brilliant way. He was able to keep calm after his excellent starting and defended the best result until the penultimate observed hazard. He would finally obtain the same result as Cabestany, but as he had done a better timing completing the circuit then he could start the final round after Sherco’s rider.

None of the Montesa-HRC pilots did it very well today. Dougie Lampkin failed when attempting the impressive hazard circuit. The Briton could perform in an acceptable term the most technical sections but it was impossible for him to success in the sections where more power of the machines was required. The most affected was, with any doubt, Fujinami. The Japanese rider started the trial with two fives in a row, an awful beginning which made him lose concentration through the circuit and it really affected his performance till the end of the first round. Fujigas, who got really angry, would finish with the worst penalty card, 21 points. Freixa had some advantage because he was the last rider to start the circuit but he had to complete the circuit in a brilliant way to be in the classification round. The advantage Montesa’s rider had wasn’t useful and he had a very weak starting and obtained seven points in the first two sections. Then, he would get penalties in every section, till the Spaniard reach the fifth final place in standings.

The exciting final became the strongest and toughest of the Championship. 15 sections complete the circuit for the final, the most difficult exam for the riders in the season.

Cabestany took the leadership after the first section, when the Gas Gas riders failed in big steps. The Sherco rider maintained the first place till the fourth round, when Cabestany was equalled by his rivals. The two double lane races didn’t break the balance among the participants but it offered fantastic head to head. Nerves and excitement were increasing in the final, with three riders very hungry to attempt the important conquest at home.

Cabestany and Raga alternated the first position because of their failures, while Fajardo lost power in the second half of the circuit. Raga took advantage of a polemic five in which judges condemned Cabestany in the penultimate observed section and administrated the advantage to achieve again the win.

Indoor World Series land in Russia this coming week. Next Saturday on February 12th, Peterburgsky Sports Complex is going to hold the sixth round in the calendar
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