Sherco modello 2003


Technical Specifications for Sherco 1.25, 2.0, 2.5, 2.9

Engine type

2 stroke Sherco propietary technology


For 2.9 272 cc
For 2.5 249,7 cc
For 2.0 162 cc
For 1.25 124,8 cc


For 2.9  76 mm
For 2.5  72,8 mm
For 2.0  64 mm
For 1.25 56 mm


For 2.9  60 mm
For 2.5  60 mm
For 2.0  50,6 mm
For 1.25 50,6 mm

Cylinder lubrication

Unleaded gasoline and 2 % oil pre-mix. Nikasil coated cylinder treatment


Closed water circuit with constant water circulation. Electronic thermostatically controlled fan


Geared system with foldable pedal

Fuel intake

Carburetor with air-fuel intake regulator Lead-free fuel


Soundproof filter box, carburetor and duct direct into crankcase through reed-valve box. Ports to combustion chamber


Dellorto PHBL26 with mixture and air regulators


Steel tube with single aluminium muffler integrated in the body


5-speed sequential gearbox with security selector system to prevent no-gear insertion. Gears in primary drive, secondary drive with chain


6 mixed friction spring-pushed plates Hydraulically activated by the clutch lever

Electric system

Progressive electronic ignition and balanced magnetic flywheel


Made of stamped Ergal

Engine block

Built out of aluminium alloy using precision machining. Ignition cover made of plastic material to absorb impacts


Built from Chrome-molybdenum forming a single structure. Aluminium alloy swing arm with mountings for the rod system, the rear shock absorber and the rear disc brake caliper. Chain adjusted via offset washers


3-litre (.79 gallon) nylon-built fuel tank, fastened at the centre of the chassis. Three-position fuel tap

Front suspension

Paioli telescopic fork. Forward offset wheel axle and brake caliper. Travel: 170 mm

Rear suspension

Progressive system with single Ollé absorber with aluminium structure, linked to the center of the chassis and pushed by the swing arm through an articulated rod system. Travel: 170mm

Front brake

185-mm floating steel disc. AJP four-piston caliper hydraulicly operated by the brake lever. Integrated brake fluid container. Plastic shield

Rear brake

145-mm floating steel disc. Twin-piston AJP caliper hydraulically operated by the brake pedal on the right side of the motorcycle. Integrated brake fluid container

Front wheel

Morad 21" aluminium rim and aluminium hub, steel spokes

Rear wheel

18" Aluminium rim, hub with secondary transmission chain wheel, steel spokes

Dry weight

69,5 kg.  (153.2 lbs.)


1327 mm  (52.25 inches)

Ground clearance

325 mm  (12.8 inches)

Seat height

635 mm  (25 inches)

  • New paint and graphics with silver grey details, the trademark blue and yellow colors have been maintained.
  • New polished-aluminum matte finishes.
  • New transmission gear ratios that have been developed by the official Sherco team riders in the World Championship.
  • Paioli fork exclusively designed for Sherco with new internal adjustments.
  • New rear suspension progression curve, better adapted for modern trials.
  • Modified frame geometry to provide improved handling and increased maneuverability.
  • Improved air tightness of the air filter case.
  • The clutch basket has been redesigned and is now stronger and more effective.




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