Mndiale Germania 17 e 18 maggio 2003 i risultati

Domenica 18 risultati: Mondiale - junior
Graham Jarvis achieved the win in the second day at the Germany GP, held in Kiefersfelden. The Brit took his first victory in the season, ahead of Dougie Lampkin and Takahisa Fujinami, who finished tied, second and third in final standings besides Adam Raga. The Spaniard led the first lap in the circuit, though finally he dropped fourth final place.
Marc Freixa had the opportunity to attack the leadership in overall with only two points under Lampkin after yesterday results, but the Montesa's rider felt some nerves by the worth of the points today and finished fifth. Fujinami has passed Freixa in standings and now the Japanese has the runner up, with one point average over the Spaniard, seven points to Lampkin.
Good performance also for Marc Colomer, who reached the sixth place today. All the Spaniards punished by the federation returned to official competitions this weekend, with different luck. Albert Cabestany was always very far from first positions and closed his course today in a fair ninth place.
The weather became very diverse, with rain at the beginning and soft sun at the end of the competition. Some sections were very slippery due to the mud.
The Brit Dougie Lampkin maintains first place overall after these results despite not achieving any win this weekend, like in tha last round contested in Luxembourg.
After the Germany GP, World Series lands in two weeks in Motegi, Japan.
Germany GP - Day 2
1. Graham Jarvis    32 penalties
2. Dougie Lampkin    33
3. Takahisa Fujinami    33
4. Adam Raga    33
5. Marc Freixa    46
6. Marc Colomer    47
7. Josep Manzano    49
8. Kenichi Kuroyama    54
9. Albert Cabestany    55
10. Jordi Pascuet    62
World Trial Championship 2003
General Standings
1. Dougie Lampkin    101
2. Takahisa Fujinami    94
3. Marc Freixa                 93
4. Graham Jarvis            80
5. Kenichi Kuroyama     60
6. Adam Raga                 54
7. Albert Cabestany        41 


Classifiche primo giorno: Junior - world

The Japanese reaches a clear victory on Day 1 at German GP and treathens Lampkin’s lead in the Championship
Kiefersfelden, 17th May -
20-24 ºC
Wet sections

Takahisa Fujinami dominated from the beginning Day 1 at German GP and took his second victory in Series. Fujinami was able to maintain his concetration in the whole day and after a great first lap (7 marks) he consolidated the victory on the second lap. Marc Freixa rallied from two mistakes at the end of the first lap and with an excellent second lap reached the second step on the podium. If Freixa improved on the second half of the day Raga did exactly the opposite.
The current Indoor World Champion made an impressive first lap only trhee marks away from the lead but lost his chances for victory with two mistakes on sections 10 and 12. Raga tied with Freixa but Freixa was second by his 19 zeros for 17 for Raga.
Doug Lampkin was Today away of the fight for the victory. The leader of the Championship began with an incredible five on the first section of the day and that was a signal of what happened later. He finished fourth 3 marks ahead of Graham Jarvis. Among the Juniors, Tadeusz Blazusiak showed again his dominance and consolidated the leadership.


* Standing German G. P. (1st day)

* World Championship (provisional)

1.Takahisa Fujinami (Montesa-HRC)

16 (7+9)

1. D. Lampkin (Montesa-HRC)

84  points

2. Marc Freixa (Montesa-HRC)

25 (17+7+1)

2. M. Freixa (Montesa-HRC)

82     “

3. Adam Raga (Gas Gas)

25 (10+15)

3. T. Fujinami (Montesa-HRC)

79     “

4. Dougie Lampkin  (Montesa-HRC)

32 (14+18)     

4. G.Jarvis (Sherco)

60     “

5. Graham Jarvis (Sherco)

36 (19+17)

5. K. Kuroyama (Beta)

52     “


6. A. Raga (Gas Gas)

41     “

8. Marcel Justribó (Montesa)

60 (28+32)

7. M. Justribó (Montesa)

39     “

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