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The Sherco .02 Series set the standard for Observed Trials Motorcycles. The New Shercos bring together the latest innovations, which are the result of constant research and development carried out by the Sherco technical team. This work has led to a complete review and redesign of the Sherco models, enhancing their performance and providing an even better trials motorcycle.

The Sherco 2002 Models are designed, produced and sold to the general public in the same configuration as the models used by riders from the factory team. Recent trials successes, using these same motorcycles have resulted in outright victory for Freixa and Jarvis at the Andorra world round, in addition to the championship won by Manzano in the junior category.

Thanks to these improvements, the Sherco is ideally suited for both top-level competitors and casual riders. The Sherco is the Trials Motorcycle that will overcome any obstacle for experienced riders and beginners alike.






The main improvements provide increased stability and handeling with an even lighter overall weight which means that the motorcycle will perform extremely well in all conditions. The improved geometry offers even better traction. In order to enhance this new geometry, the transmissiion ratios have been redesigned to provide a gear for every need, this allows the Sherco engine to adapt to any situation.

The 2001 Sherco was the lightest trials bike on the market to date, the new 2002 Models reconfirm this position, with a further reduction in the bike’s overall weight. This has been made possible by newly designed parts and the use of high strength materials for their manufacture, which provides greater strength. The new Sherco graphics, based on the company’s colors of blue and yellow, highlights the innovative approach and contributes to the image of adaptability.

In short, the finishes and component quality have been upgraded, and the latest technical improvements developed in conjunction with Sherco’s riders, currently making such a good showing in the 2001 World Championship, have been incorporated.

The 2002 models will be at the Worldwide Sherco dealer network on September 10th 2001.

















Some important features of the Sherco .02 Series













  •  New geometry



Although the external changes are hardly noticeable at first glance, the new Sherco 2002 Models are virtually new motorcycles. This is due to the new chassis geometry, which has led to a change in the weight distribution, a new engine position, new footrest position, new steering angle and redesigned front and rear suspensions. The new Sherco is more stable and feels even lighter.






  •  New gearbox



The main aim of the work done on the engine has been to take full advantage of its potential in all circumstances. This has resulted in an in-depth redesign of the gearbox, including a full analysis of the higher gear ratios. The first three gears have also been changed so as to take full advantage of all engine RPM ranges.






  •  New cooling system



The new Sherco 2.9 2002 includes a new, bigger fan, resulting in a better flow rate, in addition to a new housing that improves air flow through the radiator. This has enabled the engine’s operatiing temperature range to be increased from 145º to 150º Farenheit or between 63º and 66º celsius.






  •  New skidplate



The skidplate is an extremely important part of a trials motorcycle, it is often subject to heavy impact. This is another part that has been redesigned on the Sherco 2002 Models, with the incorporation of holes to facilitate the cooling of the lower part of the engine. The rubber molded between the engine and the skidplate is also new and helps to cushion blows.






  •  New wheels



The Sherco 2002 Models include, for the first time, 32-spoke rims, as opposed to the 36 used previously, an innovation that has entailed the use of newly designed hubs. The bike is lighter and more durable because of the use of new materials. The brake discs are also new. The rear brake mounting is integrated into the swingarm. The rear brake has an AJP twin piston caliper and the front now has the AJP four piston caliper.






  •  New swingarm



The swingarm is also completely new, with a new design that fully integrates the rear brake calliper. The new chassis geometry has also enabled small changes to be made to the swing arm support braces resulting in the bike being more rigid






  •  New exhaust protector



The Sherco 2002 Models muffler includes a new protector, it maintains the same external structure as its predecessor, but internally, improvements have been made to gas circulation, improving engine performance and reducing noise levels.






  •  New brake pedal



In line with comments and suggestions made by the majority of Sherco’s website visitors, a new brake pedal has been introduced, with a wrought aluminium retractable tip.