Bultaco           SHERCO 290          2001    

Specifiche tecniche By Sherco   
30/09/2000 presentazione ufficiale a Lecco 

The weight reduction of the new Sherco comes together with important quality controls of all the parts, some of which have taken place at the Idiada, the Centro de Tecnificación de Tarragona, where the pollution testings have been carried out. The improvement in the quality of the Sherco starts at the very beginning of the manufacturing process of all its parts, which undergo strict quality tests before they enter the production chain in the Caldes de Montbuí factory. This reduces the probabilty of mechanical failure to a symbolical minimum.


Handling improvement.

Riding a Sherco has become an even greater pleasure. Now the riding is more relaxed and safe thanks to its balance and manageability, together with the elastic and powerful engine. With the new weight layout, together with the lower weight, the centre of gravity of the the motorbike has changed, bringing along an important increase in stability even with the motorbike standing still. This, together with the freedom of movement of the rider, eases your way to overcome any obstacle without any effort and with the maximum safety.


Key changes of the Sherco 2.5 and 2.9

Other key changes for the 2001 models:

- New chrome frame with improved handling characteristics.

- New fuel tank design made with advanced manufacturing technology reduces weight by 800 grams.

- New air filter box design with 28% more volume.

- New stamped front exhaust pipe.

- New thermostat system.

- New headlight design.

- New front mudguard design.

- New rear mudguard and taillight design.

- Improved ignition coil frame support design allowing better radiator cap access.

- Improved bash plate design increasing ruggedness.

- Improved and reinforced footrest supports

  • Revolutionary exhaust system New all-in-one silencer made from stamped aluminum. This exclusive Sherco design improves engine smoothness, lowers CO2 emissions, and reduces weight by 1.5 kg., contributing in part to the new overall bike weight of only 69 kg.

  • Lower gravity center. The new compact exhaust and air filter box design and 2 cm lower seat design create a lower center of gravity to enhance your balance experience. The overall geometry of the bike has been changed to make the bike feel even lighter and more stable.

  • Improved rear suspension. New progressive Olle shock absorber with an advanced progression curve makes the bike more agile while performing new riding techniques required in today's no-stop sections.

foto e impaginazione di- Silvano.Brambilla@libero.it