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The 2001 GasGas TXT Series

The three full sized Trials bikes coming to the USA have undergone significant modifications which have improved the already excellent characteristics of a world-acclaimed product.

The main achievement is the combination of maximum stiffness with weight reduction. A key feature was the development by the GAS GAS technical department of new, cast aluminium front suspension legs for the whole range, which provides more stiffness as well as a weight reduction. The new mounting position and shape of the front fork stiffening bridge help prevent it from twisting.

At the same time, a new, bigger intermediate muffler has been fitted, giving the new range better response at low revs. These new solutions complement some fine tuning of the carburator, cylinder head and muffler. These improvements result in improved engine response. The new muffler also reduces noise.

Below are the main innovations in the frame and suspensions for the complete TXT range:

New front suspension with cast aluminium lower legs
Flat aluminium front suspension stiffening bridge adapted to new suspension
New-design front fender also adapted to new suspension bridge
New plastic shield for protection behind the filter box, to prevent water and mud from entering
New design, lighter sprocket protector
Modified fuel tank
Reinforced AA2014 T6 forged aluminium suspension rods
New graphics

Engine modifications are as follows:

TXT200 and 321

New crankshaft bearings
New, bigger intermediate muffler providing better torque at low revs
New-design muffler end for better noise reduction


New crankshaft bearings
New, bigger intermediate muffler providing better torque at low revs
New design muffler end for better noise reduction
New shape of cylinder head dome specially designed for lead-free petrol
TXT 2001 Range - Technical Characteristics

Bike: 321 280 200 TXT Boy

Cylinder size: 327.7 c.c. 272 c.c. 162 c.c. 49.38- 68.18 c.c.*
Bore x stroke: 83.4x60 mm 74x60 mm 64x50.6 mm 40x39.3-47x39.3mm*
Carburettor: Dell'orto PHBH 26 BS Dell'Orto 14 mm-18 mm*
Gearbox: 6 speed 2-speed
Ignition: Magnet electronic flywheel Electronic with variable advance
Front suspension: Adjustable telescopic hydraulic fork 140mm hydraulic fork
Rear suspension: Progressive geometry system 155 mm hydraulic suspension
Front: 185 mm 165 mm
Rear: 130 mm 130 mm
Wheels: 21" front / 18" rear 16" front / 14 " rear

* Optional Power Kit
* Optional 18mm carburettor


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